The Effectiveness of Infl iximab in Autism Spectrum Disorders Associated with Folate Cycle Genetic Deficiency

Clinical trials meta-analysis results show the association of folate cycle genetic defi ciency (FCGD)
with autism spectrum disorders (ASD) in children. Genetic disorders induce an immunodefi ciency,
which mediates the immuno-infl ammatory lesion of the brain and intestines. The aim was to study
effi cacy of infl iximab in children with ASD associated with a FCGD, with increased serum TNF-alpha
concentration. The study group (SG) – 38 children with ASD associated with a FCGD who, along
with educational programs, received infl iximab at a dose of 3 mg/kg i/v twice a month for 1–3
months. The control group (CG) – 22 children of the same clinical, age and gender composition, who
attended educational programs. Student’s T-test and the number of signs Z by Urbach, were used.
The parameters Pearson’s chi square (χ2) was calculated, criterion φ, Pearson conjugation coeffi cient
(C) were calculated. It was found, that Infl iximab leads to the improvement in hyperactivity,
hyperactivity and stereotypical behavior according to the ABC scale in children with ASD associated
with a FCGD. 76% of patients are responders to immunotherapy, which is twice as much as in the
CG (p<0.05; Z

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